British railways should be provided by the private sector

Should our rail services be renationalised? Readers' debate

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Tearing up the Tracks

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Privatisation of British Rail

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The New Hope for Britain

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Rail transport in Great Britain

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Mar 03,  · Consensus. Britain emerged from the war triumphant, but economically exhausted. It was one of the top three superpowers, although in reality a. British Rail was broken up and privatised between andand since then rail services in the UK have been provided by private companies.

There are 16 rail franchises in the UK, where the government gives train companies funding to run services for a certain period. The private sector has avoided investing in our railway. The years of Tory failure When the Tories took office in Mayunemployment was falling and the economy growing.

Living standards had gone up by a sixth in two years, and North Sea oil held out the prospect of economic growth, high levels of employment and better social services.

British railways should be provided by the private sector
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