Bull race in madura island

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Madura Bull Races - East Java Forum

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Bull racing in Madura

The early purpose of bull race event is to get strong bulls for ploughing. The Madurese take care of the bulls and compete them in ploughing their fields as soon as possible. Starting from July, the bull race is traditionally held in towns and villages across Madura.

The winners will then race in the larger cities of Madura prior to the peak race in Pamekasan, which will be held in late September or early October. The mainland (i.e. the area on Madura Island itself) covers 1, km2 (, inhabitants in ) consisting of 17 districts, while the islands are km2 (, people in ), comprising 9 districts, of islands, 46 inhabited.

The island of Madura, in Indonesia, is home of a unique sport in Indonesia, called "Karapan Sapi" or bull races. In the 13th century, a prince named Katandur wanted to use the power of the bulls to manufacture the land before it could be used as a rice field. Oct 12,  · Karapan Sapi or Madura traditional bull race is an annual traditional event, it is such a bull racing tournament.

It usually being held at week end within August to September, or ideally before or after the fasting month. The early purpose of bull race event is to get strong bulls for ploughing. The Madurese take care of the bulls and compete them in ploughing their fields as soon as possible.

Bull race in madura island
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