Contingency planning for a healthcare provider

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The NHS Five-Year Forward View (5YFV)

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Emory Healthcare is the clinical arm of the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University, which focuses on patient care, education of health professionals, research addressing health and illness, and health policies for prevention and treatment of disease. In NHS England started working to develop a five year strategy for the NHS – the NHS Five-Year Forward View (5YFV).

The document was published by NHS England, alongside the other national leadership organisations within the NHS: the Care Quality Commission; Health Education England, Monitor, Public Health England and the Trust Development Authority on. Improving Primary Care Access.

These change ideas of planning huddles, team meetings and staff meetings are also referenced in the change idea "Optimize the Care Team: Use Team Communication Methods." These change ideas (i.e., using huddles and meetings) apply logically to several of the ten ideas for improving access.

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• Health and Safety packages • Medical Training • Fire Training • Health and safety training • Driver training • Emergency contingency planning implementation and auditing.

Contingency planning for a healthcare provider
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