Dear reader

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I perplexity my favorite was the most that my wife burned in the days in our living room. Dear Reader, It is with great pride that I announce the release date of my newest novel.

On September 15th, you will be able to start downloading “The Icy Touch” as an ebook to.

Dear Reader

So I want you to know, dear reader, that my absence from you has not been casual, or uncaring. There has been a distracting illness — not mine, but in my family — and I am tempted to blame everything on that.

But that would be incorrect. May 13,  · A recently unearthed rare letter from the then-young writer explains “Miriam,” a piece of short fiction he published in Mademoiselle in Dear Reader, Meet Jimmy Brandmeier "the Dad" in a beautiful, wacky family of three daughters, Paula his wife of twenty-five years (ageless), two doves, a couple of goldfish, and a cat named Squeakers.

A DAILY DOSE OF BOOKS, COOKIES AND SURPRISES. Remember the feeling when you couldn’t stop reading a book? Now you can. Dear Reader, I am writing this to clarify a few things regarding books and writing, specifically how we see it from an author’s point of view.


You see, I was one of you once, full of opinions about what I read and sure that the writer needed to hear them. Then I became one.

Dear reader
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What Do You Do, Dear? - because life is full of surprises