Making sex offenders names public

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Debate: Naming and shaming of sex offenders

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Making Sex Offenders Names Public

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Therefore, to protect society, they should be required to register with a local police station, and their names and addresses should be made available to the public. These websites contain maps where a user can enter street names, city names, state, and zip codes to look up sex offenders.

Some websites even provide pictures along with the names and addresses of. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) implemented this website to allow for public access to sex offender registration (SOR) information within the State of Texas.

This information is reported, collected, and disseminated pursuant to Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. VI. Public Access to Information on Sex Offenders We knew nothing about him.

If we had been aware of his record, my daughter would be alive today. The actual knowledge may make the public more anxious than they actually need to be.

Many people are actually on the list because of a simple mistake they made when they were younger. Many sex offenders reasons for making the list are very inaccurate as know one.

There are other ways, however, of making the names of Level I offenders more broadly available to the public. The Washington State Court of Appeals, Division Two, recently decided a case where a Washington woman had filed Public Records Act requests in Thurston County and many other counties, attempting to get information on sex offenders.

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