M.phil thesis submission form

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Thesis, Dessertation Submission Form

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Essays and dissertation

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The student should submit the Ph.D. / M. Phil thesis in 3 parts as mentioned in the ‘Instructions for plagiarism of Ph.D.

The MPhil Dissertation

Thesis’ (Refer to point ‘B’) in PDF Format (Soft Copy). About two months before you intend to submit your dissertation (see Deadlines), please complete the student's "Intention to submit a research thesis " form and email it with a short research summary to the Degree Committee.

Your request will be acknowledged within four working days. AD: / Admission Lists of Universities in Ghana Table of Contents1 KNUST POSTGRADUATE ADMISSION – GENERAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS DURATION OF PROGRAMME2 KNUST POSTGRADUTE ADMISSION – MODE OF APPLICATION KNUST Postgraduate Admission Form / – Requirements and Application Details -Advertisements- Kwame Nkrumah University.

Guidelines for submission and assessment of hopebayboatdays.com Dissertation: The M Phil dissertation will contain a maximum of pages typed in Font-size 12, spacing, normal margins, excluding bibliography and photos as per the University guidelines.

writing synopsis for a hopebayboatdays.com or ph.d. research project In order to encourage and expand hopebayboatdays.com or Ph.D.

research, there is need to make it an active part of the academic life of the National Defence University. FLOW CHART FOR NOTIFICATION OF hopebayboatdays.com THESIS RESULT datedatdate Approval of Ext. Examiners from V.C up to announced last date Submission of Thesis(4 hard tape binded copies) forwarded by Director/Principal to C.E alongwith 1- Plagiarism/similarity index report duly signed by Supervisor and Student.

M.phil thesis submission form
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