Reinsurance underwriting analysts

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Latest News. 22 Aug Russell Higginbotham to become new Swiss Re CEO Reinsurance EMEA and Regional President EMEA and member of the Group Executive Committee; Jean-Jacques Henchoz to leave Swiss Re. reinsurance underwriter, catastrophe risk analyst, catastrophe, catastrophe analyst, claims analyst, global rotational development program trainee, commodities analyst, sr financial analyst, meteorology, actuarial assistant.

It’s been a slow and evolutionary process—one that ultimately will create a revolution for the insurance and reinsurance industry. Blockchain is a term that was little known four years ago unless you were involved in the world of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. What role does an analyst play in the reinsurance industry?

Jumping right to the chase, a reinsurance analyst, in very general terms, is the link between the direct insurer and its reinsurers (the companies who provide insurance to insurance companies).

9 Insurance Startups Improving Underwriting

As Underwriting Analyst you will be an integral part of the LMR Underwriting Team. The role is heavily team orientated and includes a wide range of responsibilities within the team focussed on analysis of underwriting information, pricing and benchmarking of individual risks as well as supporting the development of tools and underwriting processes.

JLT Re Taps Willis Re’s Punch as MD, APAC, for Regional Clients & Retrocession.

Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendezvous 2016

JLT Re, the London-based reinsurance broker and consultant, has appointed Stephen Punch as managing director, Asia Pacific, for Regional Clients and Retrocession.

Reinsurance underwriting analysts
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