Synthesising 2c-b

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How easy is the production of 2c-b?

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This reviewer, much less water was added - about 8 ml of dH2O. Overview Bioanalysis & Assay Development Medicinal Chemistry & Structure-Based Drug Design Analytical Chemistry Chemical Synthesis. and has emerged as a drug of abuse. 1,2,3 bk-2C-B is a β-ketone analog of 2C-B.

4 This product is intended for forensic and research purposes. Aug 26,  · So as a long long time smoker of marijuana I decided to try a synthetic marijuana known as K2, it LOOKS and is sold as incense. Immediately you know if. 2C-B is a synthetic psychedelic that first gained popularity as a legal Ecstasy replacement in the mid s.

It is known for having a strong physical component to its effects and a moderate duration. 25B-NBOMe is a substituted phenethylamine and derivative of 2C-B. It is a potent partial agonist of the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor in particular and appears to have stimulant and The synthesis of 25B-NBOMe was first mentioned by Heim in a thesis at the Free University of Berlin ().

It is a stepwise reductive alkylation where the. 2C-E (2,5-dimethoxyethylphenethylamine) is a psychedelic and phenethylamine of the 2C family. Its chemical synthesis was first published in within the book PiHKaL: A Chemical Love Story by Dr.

Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin. This was a groundbreaking book that included detailed synthesis. The precipitate was washed with a tiny bit of dH2O and dried, bringing the total yield for the whole 4g of somewhat impure 2c-b HBr to about 3g of very nice looking, slightly off-white 2c-b HCl.

The theoretical yield of the HCl should be g, so the actual yield was 86% from the HBr. This was my first truly successful high-yield 2c-b synthesis.

Synthesising 2c-b
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